Community Sessions

Currently, I have some sessions ready to go for presenting at user groups or events. Listed on this page is an overview of sessions I currently have ready to go for presenting.

I’m working on some other stuff as well, so there’s a good chance I have some things to share on other topics too. Reach out to me through the contact page if you have any questions.

Keeping up with your Power BI Tenant Administration

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For many organisations, Power BI is becoming absolute key in their Information Delivery stream. As an important cog in the chain, it’s the responsibility for that organisation to keep the cog well oiled.

Power BI Tenant Admins need to make sure they’re on top of their game, to keep all parties involved on their good side. During this talk, we’ll go through some of the key activities to optimise this process, based on my war stories as a consultant.

Security, Auditing, Monitoring and Alerting are the cornerstone of this process, which doesn’t have to be hard. Walking out, you’ll have some practical tips to take home with you.

Power BI Premium – Practical Tips for making the most of it

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Your company is thinking about investing into Power BI Premium, or has it already taking the plunge? Quite common, I’ve encountered belief that all (Power BI related) worries will magically disappear. Out in the wild, the reality is often different. Power BI Dedicated Capacity requires some attention, but doing so will result in the ability to do great things!

During this talk, I’ll touch base on some of the key activities your organisation needs to perform, to make sure your investment is one that pays off.

Using the Premium Capacity Metrics App as our base of operation, we’ll expand into auditing, licensing, and some common dataset performance patterns, to make sure you’re up to the task!

Power BI dataflows? Why you need to implement it!

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Not so long ago, Power BI Dataflows have been added to the Power BI landscape. It is showing great promise, as they have the potential of becoming key in every (large) implementation of a Power BI or Hybrid BI Architecture.

During this session, the core concepts of Power BI Dataflows will be explained, and we’ll discuss how Power BI Dataflows could alleviate some of the specific problems you might be experiencing in your current architecture.

How this feature ties into some other cool concepts, like Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 or the Common Data Model, obviously can’t be missing from this speech.

Expect to walk out of this session with a decent grasp on the underlying architecture, and some key takeaways to take home with you.

Troubleshooting Power BI Report Performance

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So you’ve built a Power BI report with all the shinies? Good!
After some usage, users have reacted that it’s a bit sluggish in usage, and they’re not keen on using it anymore.

Starting off with the new Performance Analyzer Pane, we’ll demonstrate how you can pinpoint bottlenecks in your report, and take actions on these insights.
With the myriad of root causes that are out there, an elimination approach might suit us very well.
Some of the main causes will be explained, and we’ll get you going on how you can fix it for yourselves.

This talk will place emphasis on leveraging external free community tools to assess the state of the data model, and go further on fixing the groundworks of your solution.

Attendees should note that is not a DAX Deep Dive class, before wandering in 🙂

Designing Impactful Visualisations for your Data

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As Data is key, visualising said data is even more important. We want our message to be understood with ease, and merely with a couple of glances. Hence making sure the receiving party can do so with ease will be vital to our success.

During this session, we’ll go through some steps on how to maximise the potential of data visualisations. Starting at choosing the right types of visualisations, and which colour palettes are good matches for your message, we’ll also make sure that our designs are as inclusive as we can possibly make them. Wrapping up with a few common use cases, you’ll definitely pick up a few new things to take home with you.

Walking out of this session, you can expect to have a decent understanding on a few common design principles for your data visualisations and reports.

An hour in the life of Power BI Reports

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So you’ve built yourself a snazzy report, and minutely layed out the tiles in a dashboard? Excellent! Obviously you want all the right people in your organization to gaze upon the wonder of your creation, so you share the report. What is going to happen when you make some changes, so the report is even more fantastic? What kind of interactions do you require from your end users to stay up-to-date? Are you really prepared to manually share to 20+ people? Sharing reports is cool, but we want it to be as little time consuming for everyone involved as we possibly can.

In this session, we’ll take a stroll through some different sharing mechanisms for Power BI Reports and Dashboards and how you can make them accessible for your end users. Using these different mechanisms, we’ll lay out a viable way of creating a decent application life cycle for your reports.