March Madness! The Return of the Conferences (SQLBits and Global Power BI Summit)

I’m stoked! With just a few weeks left to go, I’m blessed to get to go outside again, and visit London. Throughout March 8th – 12th, I will attend SQLBits, and even present two sessions myself. Happening in that same week, is the Global Power BI Summit, as an online event. Here, I will be presenting two sessions, and hosting a table talk with wonderful people. Personally, I’m really excited for this, as it means I get to engage with our community, have chats with customers, and reminisce about things with friends I have not seen in a loooooong time. Both of these events aim at a broad spectrum of attendees, and offer an incredible range of speakers and topics. Driven by a community background, this is about sharing the passion for our data platform ecosystem, and helping each other achieve more.

SQLBits (March 8th – March 12th 2022, @ ExCel London & Online )

Learn more about SQLBits

Learn more about SQLBits

At SQLBits, you can find me wandering the hall(I’m not that hard to spot 😉), having a conversation at the Microsoft Booth, or attending one of the many great sessions. All of these with a 90% probability I have a coffee in hand. I’m particularly pleased a healthy number of non-tech sessions made it on the schedule. I always like attending sessions of this nature, as they teach me things that are harder to figure out on your own. For instance, I can quickly Bing something on a certain DAX construct, but listening to someone share their personal story on mental health would be much harder to replace by crawling through your favorite search engine.

Registration for SQLBits is still open, and you can still grab your spot! Are you not feeling a 100% comfortable to make the trip? SQLBits is being hosted as a hybrid event, and you can attend from the comfort of your own home, at a seriously reducted price. Find out all the details on their registration page.

That said, there are tons of techy stuff on the board I am looking forward to as well, even beyond my Power BI comfort zone. And I’ll be honest, the return of the “hallway” track is what is making me all giddy for early March. There is something about that conversation in the hallway where you get that absolute honesty and cutting edge discussions that does it for me.

If you want to come attend one of my sessions, these are your options:

  • Thursday March 10th at 4:40PM UTC I will share some of the things I have learned on asking questions, and helping those that I want to help me. Everyone can ask simple questions, but there are a few aha’s and gotchas if you want to take it further
  • Saturday March 12th at 9:30 UTC I get to spread the joy about Power BI dataflows❤️. This is an introductory session about Power BI dataflows, answering a few questions about why I think they could be a good fit for you.

I may make a cameo here and there in other sessions, but that is just something you will have to find out on the spot…

 Global Power BI Summit (March 7th to 11th 2022 @ Online)

Learn more about Power BI Summit

Learn more about Power BI Summit

This year we will see the 2nd edition of the Global Power BI Summit, that goes all in about Power BI. This is held as an online only conference, and repeats sessions multiple times to accomodate for different time zones across the globe. You can find an amazing range of topics and presenters on the line-up, and a really good online experience for a conference. I’ll probably try to attend a few sessions here and there, and also present a few things myself. You can find out all about the details on their website and registration page

At Power BI Summit, these are the sessions I will be involved in:

  • On Tuesday March 8th at 10:30 AM UTC +1 (and a repeat at 10:30 PM UTC+1) it will be all about Power BI Premium Gen 2. This has shifted into General Availability, and the deadline for migration is inching closer. I’ll handle some of the common questions I have seen, and share some practical insights you can take back with you.
  • On Wednesday March 9th at 10:30 AM UTC+1 (and a repeat at 10:30 PM UTC+1) I will share my tips and tricks to keep up with Administering and Governing your Power BI Tenant. Expect some practical tips of things I have picked up in the past, and will make your life as an (accidental) admin easier.
  • Then, On Friday March 11th at 10:30 AM UTC+1 I’ll join the panel of a Table Talk with Thomas Martens, Štěpán Rešl, and Nicky van Vroenhoven where we await all your questions and input on Power BI Administration, Governance, and Data Culture. There is also a repeat at 10:30PM UTC+1, but I will not take part in this one due to an activity conflict at SQLBits 😊.

 See you there?!

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